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Behavioural Optometry

Eyes at Narangba is an independent, family Optometry Practice with a passionate focus on exceptional service and personalised eye care solutions. Whether it is glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy, colorimetry, OCT scans or children's behavioural assessments, the friendly and experienced team will create a customised vision solution that fits your individual lifestyle, personal needs and budget. 

Being a Behavioural Optometry practice means our approach to your vision care aims to maximize visual function in all situations in your life.  We believe that is not just important that you see well, but that you are able to process what you see in a comfortable and stable manner, which will affect how you view and responds to the world around you. 

Behavioural Optometry is a unified approach, which explores how the eyes transmit images to the brain and the visual process that is involved. Vision is important, not just eyesight.

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