Hate Cleaning your contacts?

Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives and cleaning is a chore many hate. Then the idea of having to clean, store and remember when to replace a pair of contact lenses is a complication that many of us just can’t be bothered with. Do you want some good news? Single-use, daily disposable contact lenses are more accessible and cost effective than ever! Available in a wide range of prescriptions, and are a great option for most people. Not matter is you you are short-sighted (myopic), long-sighted (hyperopic), have astigmatism, or just need help to read up close (presbyopic).

Why are daily disposable contact lenses such a great option?

  • Comfort – They are made to be very thin and moist, meaning many barely even feel that they are wearing them.
  • Convenience – no cleaning or storing the lenses for the next day. Just take them out and throw them out!
  • Safety – Single use lenses have significantly lower rates of eye infections and irritations than the re-wearable types
  • Cost – they are affordable and will cost you less than a coffee each day you wear them
  • Flexibility – you can wear them as often as you like. You might chose to just put them in on days you play sport, or on the weekends, or you may decide to wear them every single day. You have years to use up each box, so there is no pressure to wear them more often than you would like.

Ask us today about a trial and see what life without specs is like!