Someone’s got your money!

If you are a in private health insurance fund with extras cover you may have $200 to $350 waiting to be claimed. Consider this, you get an eye test every 2 to 3 years and remember to claim your optical benefits if you need them. You are entitled to claim each year, but often you don’t. Eyes@Narangba believe you deserve better than that!

Why not claim each year and get maximum value for your money. Here are just some of the options we would suggest you could use your Optical Rebate on.

  • Reading Glasses
  • Distance Glasses
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Sunglasses with Readers built in
  • Contact Lenses

With all these options available our patients have plenty of reasons to access their private health fund rebate every year.

If you are in any of funds listed below, your benefits rollover on the 1st of July this year. Unused benefits are generally lost if not claimed in time. If the fund you are in is not listed below, it will be a fund which rolls over on the first of January each year.

  • AHM
  • Defence Health
  • Navy Health
  • Onemedifund
  • Peoplecare

If you rely on your glasses to and would be lost without them, consider having a spare pair. A holiday can easily be ruined without a spare pair of glasses. Think of all the things we will have a spare for…

  • Spare Tyre (kept in your car just in case)
  • Spare Credit Card or source of money (when on holidays)
  • Spare toilet paper (because running out is not much fun)
  • Spare clothes (to avoid washing everyday)
  • Spare food in your kitchen (in case you get hungry after business hours)

We build safety into our lives with this extra insurance of spare things. Many of us forget to provide a spare when it comes to our eyesight. If you can’t drive without your glasses, you should definitely have a spare pair of glasses. A spare / second pair of glasses is not a luxury, for many of us, it’s essential.

So if you are in a Private Health Fund and have extras cover – pick up a spare pair of glasses today at Eyes@Narangba. Looking forward to seeing you soon.