The Australian Business Quality Awards aim to raise the bar in customer service by encouraging businesses to be the best at what they do and rewarding those who excel in their respective fields. Open to any enterprise, regardless of its size and the nature of its business, the awards evaluate how effective an enterprise is in performing against its own and best practice customer service standards. 

According to the organisation, “Customers always look for the best service, which positively impacts the business in various facets, from recall to word of mouth and repeat business that all affect the bottom line. The awards not only give the business the recognition it deserves but also identify aspects that surpass customer expectations and those that have room for improvement.” 

Providing a good indication of which businesses have strong customer satisfaction ratings, the Australian Business Quality Awards bestows the Bronze Award to enterprises that garner a score of 70% to 80%, the Silver Award for an 80% to 90% score, and the prestigious Gold Award for a score of 90% or higher. A complete list of the winners is available at

We are delighted with the award as it is a valuable reminder to our whole team that ‘going the extra mile’ is and will always be valued by our patients.  Our team work hard to provide outstanding service to ensure our customers experience the “Much, Much, Much More” we are passionate to provide every person we do business with.  For those patients who were contacted by The Australian Business Quality Awards Group – we say “thank you so much” your feedback was much appreciated.

[email protected] will be utilising a bundle of resources to ensure that our service to you remains high.  So you may receive an email requesting some feedback or you may stumble across a flyer that provides you with resources to assist us to continue to grow and develop.  

More news to come!

Ross Bakker