Adidas was developed to meet the rigorous demands of sports vision for those passionate about sports.’See better, be better’ technology to offer greater comfort, eye protection and maximum performance:

Frame Technology

  • High wrap frame to protect eyes from anything life may throw at you (dirt, rain, wind, UV).

  • Adjustable nose pieces and arms (on most models) to maximum comfort.

  • Foam sweat blocker assists in minimising lens fogging which keeping the sweat from your eyes (available on selected models).

Lens Technology

Optology Lens Science is the science behind Adidas’ lens technology. This science encompasses four pillars of Adidas Sport Eyewear: RXO, LSTTM, Polarised, LST Light Stabilising Technology and Hydrophobic.

  • Creative lens technology to allow above average prescriptions to be fitted to Adidas sunglasses.

  • Anti-fog technology including dynamic ventilation which minimises fogging while maximising clear vision.

  • Lens-Lock technology to allow for quick lens changes to be made on the run (available on selected models).

Lens Prescription Technology

Most prescription sunglasses lenses are fitted directly to the sunglasses frame, however when the need arises, Adidas have several other clever options available.  These additional options provide us (and you the wearer) with more options for those with above average prescriptions.  So if you have been told that your prescription is unsuitable for prescription sunglasses – consider Adidas Sunglasses (also consider calling [email protected] to explore your options further).

  • Optical Adaptor fitting

  • Optical Insert