Since eye-glasses were invented lens designs have been a little like a “one-size-fits all”.  HOYA was one of the first to revolutionise lenses through their innovative design and ongoing research and development. HOYA supplies premium quality lenses to suit everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles.

Hoya Lenses

Have you tried multi-focals and can not seem to get used to them? We have the answer…

Conventional multi-focals are a little like a “one size-fits-all” and can take some time to get used to as often wearers seem to experience image distortion and an unbalanced feeling throughout the day. Driving is hit and miss and getting use to your new lenses is a long-term project.

Hoya’s iD LifeStyle lenses offer visual freedom and a confident, balanced feeling throughout the day.

  • Wider fields of view (opening up your field of view)

  • Smooth transition between near and distant viewing

  • Optimised to each person’s prescription.

  • Clear stable vision and fast adaptation.

  • For people who often suffer from eye strain and headaches

  • Reduces eye strain and headaches.

  • Provides a wider field of view with all day comfort

For people who want natural vision without adaptation concerns the iD Lifestyle lens offers effortless and natural progression from near to intermediate to distance vision at all times.

In the images on the right, you can see how Standard Multi-focal lenses can restrict your vision where iD LifeStyle has wider fields of view.

People who wear their multifocals every moment they are awake, we advise iD-LifeStyle lenses.  Consider driving, while merging with traffic you are required to look over your shoulder (either right or left).

Your choice of lenses in these moments could decide the difference between:

  • vaguely observing a fuzzy object out of the corner of your eye, or

  • clear sharp vision that will sharpen your vision – even out of the corner of your eye.

If you get your glasses from [email protected] please don’t be surprised that we would advise you to get the lenses we would recommend to our own family – your vision and your safety is that important to us.

Diamond MultiCoat


The wear and tear of everyday life can scratch and diminish the quality of a lens. The layers of Diamond Finish multi-coat have a unique composition which provides unsurpassed adhesion and scratch resistance to ensure long term durability and brilliant performance.


Diamond Finish’s patented Anti-Reflection layers reduce glare and eliminate reflections that disturb a wearers vision. Clarity for night time vision is dramatically improved and wearers will also experience increased comfort during the day working in a classroom or behind a computer or laptop.


HOYA’s patented hydrophobic and oleophobic layer has a smooth surface ensuring long-lasting water and oil repellent qualities. The high contact angle makes it virtually impossible for water drops to grip on the lens surface. The wearer will not be affected or disturbed by condensation or rain, and exposure to chemicals has almost no effect.



Wearer’s on average clean their lenses 10 times per day. Even after long term use and repeated cleaning, Diamond Finish keeps its superb easy-to-clean properties, reducing the chance of scratching and providing optimal transparency.