Why do we recommend and sell more Maui Jim than any other brand of sunglasses?

1.  Fantastic warranty and Follow Up Service

For scripted & non-scripted sunglasses.  Your temples or nosepads replaced at NO CHARGE – even after the standard 12 month warranty expires. We carry many parts on-site for an instant fix!  If you need a temple or nosepads posted to you – all you pay for is the postage.


2.  “Mahalo

The Hawaiian word for “thank you”.  It’s also used more broadly to express the experience Maui Jim want you to have with your new Sunglasses.  When our patients pick up a pair Maui Jim’s it’s usually accompanied with a “Wow, this is brilliant! Everything looks amazing!”


3.  Polarised 2 

With PolarizedPlus2 technology, all three forms of glare (Direct, reflective and bounce back glare) is eliminated, unlike any other lens available.


4.  Colour Enhancers 

Maui Jim uses three rare earth elements (neodymium, erbium, praseodymium) to boost the amount and resolution of colour your eyes naturally perceive.


5.  Patient Satisfaction

We are delighted to find a company that is as passionate about quality as we are, our Maui Jim wearing patients are extremely loyal and satisfied!

Please check out the models on display, and other resources.  If you are considering purchasing a Maui Jim, contact us for more information or service.  No matter where you are located, we would be delighted to get a Maui Jim on to your face – you won’t regret it!

If you want more information, scroll down for more answers to your questions!

Extra Information about Maui Jim

Maui Jim’s Polarized Plus technology is a multi-layered approach to sunglass lens construction combining the best technologies to reduce glare.

Construction of these lenses begins with the polarizing filter, which is tinted to the lens colour. This film is placed between two special lenses, which are coated with a scratch-resistant treatment. An anti-reflective coating is applied to the back of the lens, and a bi-gradient mirror coating is applied to the front of the lens. Finally, a waterproof and oleophobic (oil resistant) coating is applied to the entire construction, providing protection from water and grease and fingerprints making it easier to keep the lenses clean.

These lenses are available in:

Grey: Transmits 12 percent of the visible light. Great for those who are sensitive to bright light, Driving, most outdoor activities.
Rose/Copper: (15%), offers the highest level of contrast. Great for Driving; Snow and Water skiing; Golf; Tennis; and Inshore, Freshwater, or “Sight” fishing.
Bronze: (16%). Great for Driving; Boating; Sailing; Golf; Inshore, Freshwater fishing; Tennis; Snow and Water Skiing.
High Transmision or HT: (25%). Suitable for variable and low light conditions, HT boosts colors, contrast and depth perception. Best driving and outdoor activity, especially in low light such as dawn/dusk conditions.

Polarized Plus lenses

These are saltwater safe. Choose the right lens color for the light conditions and the best lens material for your lifestyle.

  • Maui Evolution® – combines the best of SuperThin glass and polycarbonate. Extremely lightweight, scratch and impact-resistant, with high-performance optics combining to provide a High Definition experience.

  • Polycarbonate – stands up to your most intense activities. Scratch and impact-resistant, lightweight, and injection molded for crisp, sharp optics.

Maui Jim Frame Styles

Maui Jim Sunglasses has six different collections of frame types to choose from, and two shield styles. Each collection has a variety of shapes to suite any face shape.

  • Classic: nylon frames tumbled in teakwood and bamboo, with nickel/silver alloy hinges.

  • Flexon: these frames are made of a titanium/nickel alloy that is strong but flexible.

  • Stainless Steel: this rimless design collection features polycarbonate lenses in two colors.

  • Titanium ST: superthin glass lenses in titanium frames.

  • Titanium Sport: touted as the “ultimate golf sunglasses,” this collection features hingeless and rimless frames made of ultra-light “beta titanium”, an alloy of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium that provides incredible strength and flexibility.

  • MJ Sport: the ultimate sport sunglasses. Featuring nylon frames and rubber nose-grips, these semi-rimless polycarbonate sunglasses have unique features like air vents on some styles.

  • MJ Readers: Sport sunglasses with a hidden bifocal lens – the ultimate reader. Featuring nylon frames and rubber nose-grips, these semi-rimless polycarbonate sunglasses are available in the following reading powers:  +1.50; +2.00; +2.50.

[email protected] has an extensive range of Maui Jim glasses for you to try on or if you know what you want and are happy to transact a purchase over the phone, call us and will happily post one out to you directly!

Their exclusive prescription digital lens design, MauiPassport™, offers unmatched clarity in the widest field of view possible. MauiPassport lenses are created with digital precision which means a wider, clearer, view and optical perfection. Add that to the unrivaled protection of our PolarizedPlus®2 technology and you have the best prescription sunglasses available in the world.

A big thank you to all!

I personally like to thank my best friend for sending me to [email protected] two years ago. I went and got a full eye test and I am now wearing progressive lenses, they are great, the team at Narangba are wonderful they are so professional, helpful and friendly. We all get a bit self-conscious about how we look but they made me look good, actually ” great” and made me see better too.
I got my sunnies and came home asked my husband how I looked and he didn’t tell me I looked good he told me I looked sexy and no more headaches, a very big thank you guys.
My husband is now going to [email protected] to get his eyes done and also going to get a pair of Maui Jim sunnies. I cannot say enough about the team at Narangba, I have all the praise in the world for them and it would take too long but if you think you are having trouble with your sight go to [email protected]

A very Happy Sammi A.