The eye-care team at [email protected] includes qualified Optical Dispenser/Mechanics and Optometrists who are trained in workplace safety and eye-injuries. As a result, we can tailor products and services to suit your individual or company’s requirements.   Through our relationship with numerous suppliers, we are able to provide your employees with access to the best prescription eyewear service available.

Our non-scripted and prescription safety eyewear Supply Program aims to equip your organisation’s staff with eye care (injury and workplace accident assistance) and safety eye wear at very competitive rates through special pre-negotiated pricing structures. When it comes to work safety and your staff’s eyes, [email protected] knows what’s most important to you and your staff.

*CAUTION* Avoid suppliers of Safety Eyewear who offer “Compliant” safety eyewear – as is NOT the most diligent solution for the truly safety conscious!

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We Offer:

·   High quality scripted safety optical products

·   All products certified to Ausstralian Safety Standards

·   Full optical services eye tests, eye-injury treatment, and surgery

·   Professional frame fitting service by our Optical Dispensers

·   Eye health information

·   Lifetime adjustments and cleaning

·   Full customer support

Our staff have selected a range of safety frames based first and foremost on your legal protection – ALL SAFETY EYEWEAR IS CERTIED to meet current Australian Safety Standards. Style, Comfort and Adaptability have certainly not been forgotten.

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Eye Safety

About 95 per cent of eye injuries treated in Australian hospitals are a result of carelessness and lack of attention to basic eye safety precautions. The vast majority of eye injuries can be avoided by taking a common sense approach to hazardous activities. You should wear eye protection during all potential hazardous tasks around the home and in the work place, even if you are just lending a hand.

There’s a lot more to eye protection than just putting on a pair of safety glasses. There are numerous products available in the market which claims eye safety, but the trick is using the most appropriate safety eyewear for the particular task. By having a good understanding of the different kinds of eye protection, you can make an informed choice and find the solution that is best for you.

The Most Common Causes of Eye Injury:

  • Impact –such as plastic pieces or metal flakes, tree branches can hit your eye and result in puncture, scratch or bruise

  • Dust –  sanding or woodwork can cause dust and grit to fly into your eye, resulting in irritation and scratches

  • Chemical –  harmful chemical vapours, mists and fumes, or liquid chemicals splashing into your eyes, can burn the surface of your eye

  • Heat – exposure to high temperatures, molten metal, or hot sparks poses a potential burn hazard

  • Visible Radiation – unprotected exposure to an intense light source such as laser can result in retinal burns and permanent loss of vision

  • Ultraviolet (invisible) radiation – sources of UV radiation such as welding arc can cause burns to the cornea and conjunctiva, cataracts and retinal damage