This will be of great interest to you if you have a family member or friend who finds certain social situations difficult or experience sensory sensitivities that limit their participation in ordinary events.

In Tasmania, Tascare Society for Children has been arranging regular sensory friendly movie screenings for families since December 2010 – the first screening was a special IDPwD event – but they had so much good feedback and requests for more movies –  the sensory friendly concept has continued on strong.

“So what are sensory friendly movies? Well it’s a simple concept all about adapting the environment to try to cater for some of the things people can find difficult or even overwhelming in the traditional cinema environment.

In a sensory friendly cinema environment:
– movies are screened earlier to avoid larger crowds, excessive noise and the need to queue for tickets.
– the movies screen without advertisements or trailers.
– the movie starts right on time.
– the cinema lights are dimmed – not turned off.
– the sound volume is reduced.
– if your family member or friend needs to make a noise or move around the cinema – that’s OK – as those needs are
understood by other patrons. There is an atmosphere of understanding and support.

For many families, the sensory friendly environment has given them access to an every day activity that so many of us take for granted – the ability to see a movie as a family (a whole family). For many, the sensory friendly environment and atmosphere of acceptance has provided them with the courage to at least attempt to go to the movies – for many the first time ever – and for many, with surprising success.

We have tended to arrange family events and screen family movies (often the animated ones), and that has been great because we screen Kidflix – making the movie a more affordable option for families at $6 per ticket. We also find that family movies have a pretty broad appeal – so if an adult wants to come along – they have the option.

The sensory friendly concept is not new – movies screen regularly in the USA and organisations in other parts of Australia have held sensory friendly movies as an event.

If you’d like to know more details, or to find out about upcoming movie sessions in Hobart or Launceston, Tasmania – please feel free to contact Denise at Tascare on 03 6272 8265 or via email [email protected]”. (1)   

For those in QLD & NSW contact [email protected] or Phone/SMS 0422 416 509.  For a downloadable PDF Calender – click on this link -> 2014-Sensory-Movie-Day-Calendar.pdf

Please pass on this information to anyone who may be interested.

Ross B.