Our response to COVID-19

Latest Update

In line with the latest Department of Health advice, all of our staff are fully vaccinated. There is, however, no requirement from the Department of Health in Qld to limit our care to any patient regardless of vaccination status. We will be providing routine and eye health checks in addition to emergency eye health care to both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

As with all things during the COVID pandemic, this is subject to change from the Health Department.

We ask that you do not attend our practice if you have a fever or symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath), have returned from overseas in the last 14 days or have been a close contact with a confirmed COVID case in the last 14 days. In these instances, if you have any concerns with your eyes, please call the practice and we will be happy to help with advice over the phone or arrange emergency care.

As always, we maintain stringent infection control procedures at the practice. If you have any queries, please phone the practice for clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hand sanitiser VS soap and water, which is best when handling contact lenses?
Soap and water is the ideal hand hygiene method in this instance. While hand sanitiser provides disinfection, alcohol-based hand sanitiser may cause discomfort if you pass alcohol from your hands to your eyes via your lenses.

Should I wear gloves when handling my contact lenses?
You do not need to, as long as you’re washing your hands properly with soap and water before you insert or remove your lenses and dry your hands with unused paper towels.

Does COVID-19 cause any changes to my vision or eye health?
You’re more likely to have the common signs and symptoms of COVID-19, such as coughing and a fever as conjunctivitis (pink eye) is believed to only occur in about 1-3% of people infected with COVID-19.